Sunday, April 19, 2020

Boston Marathon 2020 Postponed

With so much more pressing issues in the World than not having the opportunity to race the 2020 Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, I decided it would be insightful to reboot this blog and discuss some training, the Boston Marathon in the fall, and what lies ahead. Since the stay at home order and schools have been closed, I have slowly adjusted to this new schedule of working at home. A few weeks ago, I also took a week off to let some pain in my hamstring heal up. That subsided, but the weirdness of it remains. Luckily it doesn't hurt during running... which is the statement of every runner desperate to hold on to their running hopes.

So, moving onward to what will be some easy base mileage during the spring months, and then the grinding marathon workouts over the summer months. All this while adding another race to the docket - a hundred miler. Yes, I hope to compete and run the Javelina Jundred on Halloween. That race will be 6 weeks post Boston, and as many ultra marathoners in town have told me that it is totally doable; I have my doubts. For one, I am starting to feel the years of miles under my belt after I sit on a comfortable couch for prolonged periods of time. The rusty old body seems to need more oil on the joints these days, but that's substituted with either a beer or chocolate chip cookies. My mind seems to always be ready and thirsty to train hard, however I get reminded by my body to only work at a reasonable effort. This has been a good balance and it has kept me relatively health for the past 5 marathons I've signed up for.

With 21 weeks ahead of Boston, I have been thinking a little on how I would like to segment my training. I tried to keep things simple, and if all goes to plan, it will look a little like this:

April - Base Mileage and strides
May - Incorporate some speed sessions
June - Introduce some marathon workouts
July - Sustain those marathon workouts and longer long runs
August - Same as July
September - Start Peaking

Seems full proof...

Now I just got to figure out how to sprinkle in some Ultra Marathon training in there. I guess, I have a couple months to figure that out. Until then, this was my easy week back:

Monday - easy 4
Tuesday - easy 4
Wednesday - easy 6
Thursday - easy 6
Friday - easy 6 w/4xstrides
Saturday - easy 6
Sunday - easy 10.5

Total: 42.5

Random Boston Photo from Last Year with the Crew