Friday, February 23, 2018

Training Post CIM - Heading towards Spring

Training post Marathon

It can be slightly difficult to get back into the groove of training after posting a good marathon in the fall/winter.  In what feels like forever ago, the California International Marathon looms in the not-so distant past of 2017, and all those long runs and heavy training days have all but disappeared along with the crisp fall weather.  Even though some of these winter months have felt like spring months, it still feels like a long time ago, and easing back into training is now an excuse for not laying down some heavy training.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be healthy and have been racing a little to keep the spark of training at the forefront.  However, I know my actual training is not matching up to the program I have sent out to accomplish.  After every marathon, I anxiously pull out the calendar and plot out races I want to do and workouts to fill in the void of racing.  I evaluate and reevaluate my desires to race nearly every race possible; to the reality that I should only race a few key races leading up to one significant race.  In this case, that major race will be the Lincoln Marathon in May.  I’ve already raced two local races and have three more before Lincoln, so my plate if plenty full.  But how has the fitness been compared to the training I set out to accomplish…?

Well, after taking a quick look at my training plan, I’ve only got 10 weeks left of training.  That seems like enough time, but it doesn’t feel like enough.  At this point, I would’ve liked to have more miles under my belt and feel sharper in workouts.  The reality is: I’m healthy and can train, I have a decent amount of time to get fit, and the workouts are slowly coming along.  It’s hard for a lot of runners to stay focused all year long, but by having a nice racing calendar keeps things in perspective and motivated.  I like that I’ve hit every workout I’ve planned; they’ve just not been fast or impressive, but I’ve been hitting them.  I don’t like that my mileage sucks and is nearly half the amount that I’ve run in my hayday, but that was a different me.  I LOVE the fact that I’m healthy and motivated to train, so the only issue is, I just need more time to run all the miles in the world!

This past week, I was on a vacation/wedding trip, and in most cases it’s hard to train while on vacation, and especially in Hawai’i. However, I managed to run everyday I was on the beautiful island, and got my 20 mile long run in, despite having no fuel and surrounded by heat & humidity.  All in all, it can be a fun challenge and adventure to train in a new environment.  I loved running with some locals (Johnny Bananas from The Big Island Running Company shoe store) and seeing so much lush forest and water everywhere.  I was very fortunate to have that opportunity to see the island in a different and slower pace.  So, with new vigor and a rejuvenated approach to my final 10 weeks leading up to Lincoln, I can confidently say I am ready and excited!  Aloha & Mahalo!