Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Waking Up

I It's summer time; hot days, sleeping in, resting, reading, house work, naps and of course - training. I would like to say sleeping in fits into that category of summer life, but to avoid complete dehydration and death, I don't mind getting up earlier than I would for work and hitting the pavement. This summer has already started off on the right two feet. My mileage has safely been increased from where I was last month, and I've already circled all the races I want to run this year in my imaginary calendar. Those imaginary red circles on the calendar will be a bullseye on gauging my fitness and pushing myself towards a fall marathon. I can talk and write all I want about racing, but we all know injuries lurk around each corner. So, I need to be diligent about injury prevention and building my mileage up slowly. 

I miss the weeks when I could climb from 60 to 80 to 120 miles with ease and carelessness. But, I will triumph in small success, like completing a workout or getting in another long run or running on a new trail in the mountains. New peaks shall be conquered and in that process those bullseye will be hit as the summer ebbs and flows. So, it's time to wake up and continue running. 

Last weeks training:

Mon - 5 mile trail run
Tue - 9 miles 
Wed - 2 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo run (5:41 avg.), 3 mile cool down
Thur - 11 miles
Fri - 8 miles w/strides
Sat - 9.5 miles
Sun - 16 miles

Total: 68.5 miles