Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting in the Groove of things

Things are starting to feel better on/in my knee. I know it is not 100% healthy, but its getting there. I've been slowly increasing my mileage and using some local races as workouts. But, I think I'll start to incorporate some workouts in the next few weeks. It's starting to feel good to just run more, but I can feel the lack of fitness in me, so proper workouts will help throughout the next few weeks.

Kris, Fristoe and I figured out a good marathon schedule that will lead us to the New York Marathon in November. We will do a couple of half marathons here and there, but my main focus is going to be a huge PR in New York! It would be nice to run a fast half marathon this fall and hit the USA Olympic Trials Standard, but we shall see how things turn out.

A few key points to recovery; in my opinion, have been using a rope for Isolated Stretching. This method of stretching has seemed to lengthen some of my quad and hamstring muscles and lessened the tightness on my kneecap. I've also used a variety of Acupuncturist/Eastern Doctors here in town. One lady; Judy Lui, used a machine called ONDAMED, which is complicated enough to explain, except that Paula Radcliffe sought her out to be treated by that same machine. Another Eastern Doctor/Acupuncturist named Karla Koch has been really great! So all in all, I should be 100% soon, and my confidence in my health and the help I've received from these wonderful people is greatly appreciated!