Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A few weeks down

After a few weeks of running, I am feeling more confident with myself and what goals I have for this upcoming spring. Each day isn't as hard as before, and the fitness is coming around. I have sat down a few times with my coach (Henry Rono), who has been forced to move in with us after coming back from Yemen. He has a new direction with his coaching philosophy; actually he has just implemented more things into his program. It is very exciting to discuss with him what the future brings to both of us.

My injury is gone, and as I begin my base phase of training, Henry and I are going to focus on the USA Track and Field Championships at Hayward Field in the 10,000m. I want to get back in great shape and improve on my disappointing 21st place finish last year. I know I can crack into the top 10, or even top 6. But, its going to take a great deal of work and consistent training every morning. There are many more things that I can improve on, and Henry is going to help out with that along with my lovely girlfriend Laura. She is big on drills and dynamic stretching, which is going to help with mobility and injury prevention. I see how Henry wants to develop American runners, and how to integrate Kenyan ways into our minds and bodies... Its just going to take some time, and I'm looking forward to it!