Monday, August 3, 2015

La Luz Trail Race & Week 5

Not the most miles logged, but another week completed with an annual trip up the Sandia Mountain along the La Luz Trail.

My only workout this week was on Wednesday, and that was a nice little track session with some of the guys. After that track workout, I seemed to gain a little more confidence in my training, as well as my speed. I know there are only about 68 days left and I have enough time to be race ready, but I need to be in 2:17 shape for all this to pay off. It can be defeating just thinking about a time, which is why I enjoy feeling stronger and faster throughout this marathon segment. Things are going in the right direction. 

La Luz Trail Race

The Guys at the Start. You can almost see the finish - it's at the top...
As an annual sacrifice to the mountain running Gods, I force myself up the Sandias in the La Luz Trail Race. This year, I finished 3rd overall, which was great compared to last years awful 26th place finish - granted that was the furthest I ran post stress fracture. So, this years race was much better in comparison. I started off kinda quick going up the road in 3rd place, but then got passed by Sal and another dude. Once we hit the trailhead and after a few switchbacks, I got passed by Solomon and another dude. I actually felt pretty good, so I stayed with them until the second water station. At that point, I got my second wind and passed Solomon and left those guys. I believe I was in 5th place at that point and slowly caught one more guy and then Sal just before the rock slide. Now, the rock slide sucks, so I probably lost some time going through that segment, but whatever. Once you get to the staircase; and all the cheering dukes, the finish is within reach. I was hoping to get a pr on that course, but a 3rd place finish and second fastest time for me was good enough, and a good sign to me how I'm getting stronger compared to other attempts at this dreadful race.

Up, Up, Up, The Staircase

Dukes that Ran

Our amazing Team!!!

Week 5 Training

Mon - am. 11 miles
Tues - pm. 9 miles
Wed - am. 4x1000m + 4x400m w/200m jog recovery 1000m's(3:08, 3:04, 3:06, 3:05) 400's (69, 68, 68, 65) Total: 9 miles / pm. 6 miles
Thur - am 10.5 miles / pm. 9 miles
Fri - am. 11 miles
Sat - Off
Sun - am. La Luz Trail Run. 9 miles 1:32:55.  Total w/warm-up & cool down: 13 miles

Total: 78.5 miles

I need to be running more!