Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sin City

As another marathon approaches, I wait for some kind of cancellation sign to warn me not to show up in Las Vegas.  Yet, the only sign I will be noticing is the iconic neon "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that illuminates the strip.  And the Strip is exactly where I'll be at 3pm this Sunday.  It was a bit hard for me to pick another marathon, since I am already hyperactive about picking my next race.  So, once New York was cancelled, I had to, and got to, choose where I could race next.  The thought of not racing also entered my mind, but after the first couple of months at my new job, and the balancing act of training that goes with an Über crazy job, I somehow feel that I owe myself a race.

So, after my last tiny workout of the week, I feel very excited to get out there and just gruel through 26.2 miles.  I have no idea who'll be toeing the line, but I'm pretty confident no "big" names will be there.  The only thing I want to do, is run a conservative race, and enjoy myself out there.  I can only hope I have the fitness and fortitude to win this race, as I've never won a marathon in my life.  The Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon will be my 6th marathon, and if I can pull off the "W", that would be an impressive accomplishment.  I guess, I could plan 100 scenarios, but once the gun goes off on the Strip, I'll make my best assessment and race with the best intentions to Win.