Monday, February 4, 2013

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

After having an excellent week of training and a weekend packed with races, I am now feeling the aftermath of over racing.  I only ran a mile on the indoor track, then came back the next day with a 5k on the roads...  which was all too much for this ill-prepared marathon body.    
Indoor mile - I'm in the Orange (photo courteous of Liz Turner)
I have to admit - spiking up was a great feeling.  The nerves, anxiety, and quite-panicness that flows throughout your body could never be replicated unless you toe the line of a mondo track.  And once that gun echos off in your head, you're already instinctively rounding the bend with your eyes fixed on the spikes just inches from your shin.  Yes, it's a great feeling.  Every last bit of the lung scorching, and relatively slow 4:25 mile, felt as if I would benefit from it.  But once the day was over and Sunday came along, I felt a little "off".  I ran a hard and even paced 5k, but once I finished my IT-band had tightened up and I couldn't even walk, let alone cool down.  This was a bad sign, and one that I am too often familiar with, especially during the winters of an odd ending year.  (Example: 2009 - injured with a peroneal tendon issue, 2011 - Patellar tendinitis which took 5 agonizing months of NO RUNNING)  Now this!  

I can only hope the celestial plan of keeping me out of the 2013 Boston Marathon this year will be altered and I will control my own destiny of toeing the line in Hopkinton.  That fate lies in a few days off, some major massage sessions from Laura Bresson, icing, and blah blah blah, all the other things that come with being sidelined.  I shall report back soon.  Also, I'm not growing out this mustache for nothing!          

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