Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weeks That Where

Another week, and another weekly log posted.  But this time, I've resorted to an electronic log that I found from Jack Daniels PhD.  And since I'm obsessed with his training methods and philosophy, this adapted running log is perfect for me and my somewhat busy schedule.  So, to shorten things up and summarize the past two weeks and a half marathon race - things are going well!

Rock and Roll Arizona:

All and all, it was a good rustbuster.  I wanted to find out where my fitness was, and I did so at this race.  A 1:08:16 puts things in perspective and shows me that with more consistent weeks I'll be in a good place for Boston.  And with each passing day, I get more and more excited for the most historical marathon EVER!  So, to get back to the half marathon, I knew that I had to start off conservative and not do anything stupid over the 13 miles.  Yet, the race momentum dragged me along to a 5:05 first mile, and made me think that this could be a tough and disappointing half marathon.  Luckily, I rallied my fitness and fortitude and kept some even splits that were not slower than 5:20, or faster than my first mile.

After catching the idiots that took off blazing, I realized that I would finish strong and in a respectable time considering the amount of training I had.  To add to the excitement, my buddy Kris Houghton set the WORLD RECORD in the half marathon while pushing a baby stroller, with a baby in it!  Alma Rose Montoya-Houghton and Kris are World Record holders!  What other running club in America can say that- NO ONE!

Last Week:

So, after being sore from an all-out effort in Arizona, I decided to get back into the full swing of things are post some good training sessions.  A workout Wednesday was in order, followed by an 8 mile tempo run on Saturday, and then a Boston Simulation Long Run on Sunday.  Pretty solid, right?  Well, it was and it felt great!  Now, add in some mixed variation and things should go pretty well.  Oh, and one 50 mile long run to make things a little exciting.  This is another topic we can get into, but in a little more than one month, I will run 50 miles at once.  I know this isn't common to do before an important marathon like BOSTON, but as the late and great Herb Brooks once told the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team before they won the Gold Medal, "You can't be common, the common man goes nowhere; you have to be uncommon."     

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