Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Road to Recovery

The MRI showed nothing of significance, but the pain still lingers on...

I've decided to continue running small amounts on it for the time being, and get any type of treatment to help with recovery. This includes: swimming, running, more stretching, core, acupuncture, Glucosamine pills, Krill pills, icing, topical anti-inflammatory cream, massages, and anything else you can think of. Either way, I've excepted that I cannot training at 100%, but will do other things to stay active and somewhat aerobically fit for a fall marathon; which I've also added to the crazyness of being addicted to running. 6-7 miles a day has been the normal routine, and I think I'll gradually increase it as the knee seems to stay the same, perhaps even slightly "better" (?). At any rate, spring is in the air, and its nice to feel the warm sun, and a cool breeze every once in awhile.