Monday, June 22, 2009


As training has been going well, sleep and socializing have been crazy.  From a bachelor party, to running parties, to a wedding... this past week has been very interesting.  I must say it has been fun, but to certain degree it can be a little too much fun.  Its a bit out of the ordinary for our house/friends to be embracing life this much, and I shall take it for what its worth.  The marathon is months away, but I'm sure every hour of debauchery can add up over the course of time to hinder on any performance.  We shall see how things turn out...   

Monday, June 15, 2009


So the past couple of weeks have been pretty good as far as training goes.  Not too many distractions, and surprisingly I've hit some high mileage weeks without even noticing it.  A few of us did our traditional Epic run over the Sandia's, which we completed in a much faster time than the previous times, and I felt a lot better this time.  Maybe it was due to the fluids I was taking... Either way, it was Epic and exciting.  We will be doing two more "Epic" runs leading up to Twin Cities Marathon in October.  Besides that run and tempo runs, we will be adding some fartleks into the training regimen starting tomorrow!  This I am excited for!  Some speed should help us out just as it did last fall.  

Our team also has another member; Dustin Hicks, who drove out here from North Carolina with his girlfriend to train with us for the marathon trials standard.  The group/team looks promising and all the guys are getting along.  As I titled this blog "Focused", it does seem as if many of the runners are very focused and determined to reach our goals.  There are so many personal and team goals that I have for us, which I know we can accomplish.  Some are broad, like wanting Albuquerque to be an American Distance mecca.  This will take time, support and collaboration, but its worth it.  And some are more personal, of course like hitting the US olympic trials standard.  Whereas others would be to have our team (Dukes Track Club) become a known training group where aspiring runners can train and develop.  Its all in good fun, and I'm excited to see everyone enjoying themselves.  

Once our damn website comes up, I'll have to post it on here.  Also, a congratulations to our temporary roommate, UNM athlete Matt Ashton, who finished 16th at NCAA 10k this past week.  This Brit is a great guy and brings a different aspect of life to us.  His teammate Chris Barnicle also placed well in the 10k, with a 13th place finish.  And of course Lee Emanuel was 3rd in the 1500m final, which was won wire to wire by German Fernandez.  Either way, these UNM guys are putting New Mexico on the map, and I only hope a tiny post-colligate group can add to the allure that Albuquerque offers.