Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 2 & 3 of Training

After writing my first version of this post, and finding it erased/not saved, I'll make these last 2 weeks short and quick. 

Week 2 was just shy of my 100 mile goal by 2 miles. I was happy to get some quality workouts in, but my paces are no where near where I would like them to be. I know it's a "long process" and consistancy is key. But after not really having any solid training under my belt in the last year, it's going to be a hard reality. I feel that my body needs to get toned down again, and much stronger. I don't really have much time, so I'm not going to squander any of it fooling around until after Chicago. Which probably means, a huge limit on my delicious beer consumption. That makes my taste buds sad. 

Week 3 was ok. I spent a lot of time driving. 1725 miles from Wednesday to Sunday. My first priority was to get Arlene to Las Vegas, NV. After that I got to spend some time in Flagstaff, AZ with my buddy Nick (Mr. 2:11 Marathoner) and his wife. I loved my time in Flagstaff. The thin air, trails, and people make that town a haven for running. Nick also convinced me to race a 7 mile road race - granted it was all up hill. The Snowbowl Hill Climb was a great race to get your ass kicked in. I believe you start at 6800' and climb to 9300'. It sucked, but was awesome at the same time. After that race on Sunday, Arlene and I drove back to rainy Albuquerque. 

I know I have to be patient with my training and just stay the course as Chicago is on the horizon. Besides, it sure feels good to be training hard, but now I just gotta train harder. 

Week 2
2 workouts
Tue - 8x1000m 3:11 avg. 
Sat - 4 easy, 2x2 miles (5:28, 5:40) (5:28, 5:25), 7 easy 2 mile tempo (5:32, 5:42), 1 mile easy. Total: 18 miles
Week Total: 98 miles

Week 3
1 workout, 1 "race"
Tue - 4x2 miles w/2 min rec. (5:33, 5:28) (5:28, 5:25) (5:28, 5:42) (5:32, 5:23)
Sun - 7 mile hill climb
Week Total: 73 miles

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