Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Post Wedding Training - Week 1 of Marathon Training 1

Now that Arlene and I tied the knot, it's time to start focusing on the Chicago Marathon, which is in 13 weeks from today...

Bring on the Miles!
What we did all week...
I have a lot of catching up to do, since after the wedding, Arlene and I only ran a whopping 8 miles over the course of 8 days, and no we didn't run 1 mile a day, it was more like only two days of running.  So because of that, last week was a tough one.  I planned on doing a big workout on Wednesday, but that turned into an epic fail.  I rallied the rest of the week and had a decent long run workout on sunday with the guys; granted, I died the last 2 miles and crawled in, but it was worth it.

This weeks focus is to get the miles back under me and finally hit that "hundo" mark, and keep building from there.  I don't have a whole lot of time, so everyday is important.  I don't want to be in the same situation I was in all fall and spring.  Summer is where it's at, and as a summer theme song, I'll have to refer to Maroon 5's song of, "This Summer's gonna hurt like a mother******"

Week 1

Mon - 3.5 miles in La Jolla (Our last day of our honeymoon)
Tue - 9 miles
Wed - 6 miles w/u 3x1 mile (5:30, 5:27, 5:42) 2 mile c/d
Thur - am. 11 miles. pm. 6 miles total: 17 miles
Fri - am. 9 miles
Sat - am. 11 miles. pm. 5 miles
Sun - 4 miles easy, 4x1 mile w/1min jog (5:44, 5:32, 5:26, 5:10) 8 miles easy. total: 18 miles

Total: 83.5 miles

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