Saturday, August 24, 2013

A New Chapter

Well it's been a busy 4 weeks since my last post, and life is going swell.  A few key notes to add are as followed; I have a new job teaching the youth of Albuquerque some Physical Education, and that training is still going strong.

Unlike last year; when school started and I fell into a numb state of existence, I actually feel great and energized by the positive atmosphere I am in at my new school.  Manzano Day School is like teacher heaven, at least that's what other teachers have been telling me.  But, it truly feels welcoming and nurturing.  And it doesn't just feel that way for the students, I believe the staff and faculty feel the same way when showing up everyday.  This has been a great change for me, and I think my running is going to improve with this kind of positive environment I'm in.

Now the running - it's good!  Twin Cities is 42 days away (but who's counting), and every week has been getting better and better.  I don't expect a miracle to happen, but I feel confident that something good will matriculate on the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Since Twin Cities is the USA Marathon Champs, and the bar will be high, I better run my best.  I feel a pr coming...

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