Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chips and Salsa 1/2 marathon recap

Race Recap:

Just another wonderful Albuquerque fall morning in the valley, even though fall is just a few days away.  The half marathon was set to start at 7:00am, but as we all know, it was a little late.  The course was the same course as last year, but with the help of high school volunteers, our half marathon race would have a little detour.  This slight detour would add about seven-tenths of a mile to the course.  Nevertheless, I was okay with the mishap, and just kept my effort consistent as well as my pace.

After the mishap in the first mile, I ran the rest of the race on my own.  I clocked off my splits at around 5:15-5:24 per mile (more precise splits below).  With that effort, I finished the 13.8 mile race in 1:13:22.  All-in-all, it was a pretty good day.  This race was a great tune up, and fitness indicator for New York City.  With that long of a "tempo" run under my belt, and with about 6 weeks left, I'm starting to feel pretty good about New York.  Just a few more weeks of marathon specific workouts, and the only test of this teacher/runner will be assessed on November 4th.  This race distance would've put me in the ballpark of 1:09:40 at 13.1 miles at altitude.  With that time, it's nothing to be too proud of, but it proves to me that I still have the strength to continue marathon training and perform at New York.

Sorry for the short recap, I'm just a bit tired these days.

Half marathon splits: [9:22 (1.7ish miles), 5:12, 5:17, 5:22, 5:24, 5:17, 5:21, 5:11, 5:14, 5:23, 5:18, 5:22, 5:01, 35 seconds) 1:13:22 - 13.8 miles - 5:19/mile average.
Pre race with Jesse Espinoza (National Guard Team Member)

Finishing the race.

Our little awards ceremony: (from left) Todd Nickerson, Kelly Nickerson - 2nd place female, Me - 1st place male, Arlene Espinoza - 1st place female 10k, Dana Patton, Lauren Patton

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