Friday, June 8, 2012

Ending the Marathon Cycle

I guess it has been awhile since I've written anything worth posting, which is mainly due to the summer laziness I've experienced and the lack/taper portion of my marathon cycle for Grandma's Marathon.  Either way, this is the final stretch of training and another marathon to tackle since the Trials.  All plans have been established, and the only real obstacle is just getting to the starting line.  I already completed my last workout a few days ago, and the mileage has decreased, leaving me with only one medium long run and a very light workout to accomplish.

Now, I can talk/write about race strategy as much as I'd like, but with this race, I think the weather is going to play a deciding factor.  In recent history, the weather has usually been warm and unpleasant for marathoners; with the exception of last years phenomenally perfect conditions.  As of now, race day should be in the 60's along with some cloud cover.  This isn't too bad.  If is does stay relatively decent, I think I have an excellent chance to run a PR and place in the top 10.  Otherwise, I will have to race the weather and play it cool.... No pun intended.

Grandma's Marathon will also be my 6th marathon, and I still feel like a novice.  I still don't know how I will feel after 18, 20, or even 24 miles.  Things could go smoothly, and as all people know who have run a marathon, it can turn rough in a matter of seconds.  I want to get the best effort out of this race as possible.  I know what I am capable of, and I feel the best strategy would be to run within my ability and shoot for a nice PR!  Another great thing about this trip is the fact that many friends will be there, and some who have never even run a marathon before will make Grandma's their debut.  My lovely girlfriend, Arlene will be shooting for a PR, as well as my buddy Dana and his wife Lauren.  The USA Half Marathon championships will be at the same location, so many great runners will be there to add to the atmosphere!  It's going to be a great weekend!    

Lost Training:
Starting on 5/21

Mon - Off
Tue - am. 8 miles / pm. 10 miles
Wed - am. 4x2 miles w/2min rest [5:24, 5:14], [5:11, 5:19], [5:13, 5:14], [5:19, 5:14] total: 12 miles / pm. 8 miles
Thur - pm. 10 miles
Fri - am. 10 miles / pm. 8 miles
Sat - am. 10 miles w/6 miles of pacing Arlene in a 10k! / pm. 6 miles
Sun - am. 22 miles w/20min tempo, 9 miles easy, 20min tempo

Total: 104

Starting on 5/28

Mon - am. 10 miles
Tue - pm. 8 miles
Wed - am. 20min tempo[3.80 miles @ 5:18, 5:15, 5:17, 5:15pace] 5 min rest, 20min tempo [3.84 miles @ 5:12, 5:15, 5:22, 5:09pace] total: 12 miles / pm. 8 miles
Thur - am. 10 miles / pm. 10 miles
Fri - Off Day
Sat - am. 12 miles / pm. 8 miles
Sun - am. 20 miles w/3x1mile [5:13, 5:12, 5:12]

Total: 98


Kurt Schroeder said...

Today our family handed out ice at Fitgers! Great job!

Jesse Armijo said...

Hey, thanks for the support! It really helped me out there, since I've never raced in that much humidity!