Thursday, May 31, 2012

25k Reflection and Update

Well, the USA 25k Championships was over a week ago, and I have already thought and forgot most tangible reflections from that race...  I have circled that race date on my calendar since the marathon trials, and have been aiming to do well there, yet I have little to write about once the dust has settled.  I wouldn't say it was one of my greatest accomplishments, but in this sport of running; and all the ups and downs that occur, I can proudly say that finishing in the top 10 has been an up for me.  PR's don't come very often, and in a new distance; no matter how obscure it may be, it comes as a default.

So, a 1:19:17 finish and a 10th place spot are written in black and white, yet the course and the people that came from this race are great gifts to remember.  The race catered to my marathon fitness, as it was just the right distance to mix strength and a dash of speed all rolled into one event.  The hills towards the end of the race helped change things up as well, and the great downtown finish are a perfect mix for an incredibly well organized race!

Now, it's time to just cap off the training and rest up for Grandma's Marathon in 2 weeks.  This has been my last real week of training, and then the peaking phase begins.  It will be nice to see the same guys at Bloomsday and the 25k at Grandma's, and if things go well, I should see a brand new PR on the clock.

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Desert Dirt said...

Nice race Jesse. I love reading these posts. There are some very strong runners on that results list. Would you say that you just felt flat or unfocused during the race, or were there some breaks that you didn't cover that in hindsight maybe you should've pressed for?

Any idea of what kind of race you have in you for Grandma's? Best of luck and fleet of foot to you.