Saturday, January 7, 2012

100% Optimism

Well, it's one week until the US Olympic Trials, and I am obviously very excited. As many interviews and youtube videos float around on the internet, I've decided to add to the flood of guys/gals talking about their experience towards reaching the trials.

I think I've commented plenty of my experience and what it's been like making the standard, so all I have left to do is wait and rest until the gun goes off in Houston. There wasn't much I could have done to improve my performance when 8:00am on January 14th comes around. I am expecting an emotional race, and the possibility to PR, while soaking in all the excitement that the Trials has been built up to be. The talk of amazing things has been in the minds of countless runners (actually just 122 men, and 197 women), so the odds are that not everyone is going to PR and run the race of their lives, which is why we all get to race to see what happens. And, that is what I am excited for! Everyone should be giving it everything they have and hopefully we can hobble away from it with high heads and pride. Pride that we got to compete in the most competitive Marathon of our lives.

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