Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Southern California Christmas

Well, Christmas is upon us and another week has gone by. This was an interesting week to be back with my parents. It was also my first "real" week of training, as I finally got back to 100 miles for the week. And it didn't seem that bad, both mentally and physically. Of, course I didn't do any real workouts, just mileage. There's nothing too special to write about at this point. Two interesting things to comment about is the contrast of runs and weather I've dealt with this week. Thursday was a nice 8 mile run in the Foothills with Dana and Pat through a Snow Storm! The wind was howling up to 40 miles/hour with snow pelting us continuously. I believe the visibility was about 400m in the foothills, and the wind chill wasn't too pleasant, but it was a great run to put in the record books. Then I had a long run this Christmas day in Laguna Niguel, California with a sunny temperature of around 70 degrees. Since my pale Albuquerque winter chest hadn't seen sunlight since August, it felt nice to run shirtless with shorts on, under the sun. I ran in the Aliso Woods Canyon up to "Top of the World" and back. At around mile 16 I decided to drop a 5:01 mile for good measure and to see if I could. It felt good to finally move my legs, which was the fastest pace I've done since the marathon 3 weeks ago.

Mon - am. 8 mile easy
Tue - am. 10 miles easy / pm. 6 miles easy
Wed - am. 10 miles easy / pm. 6 miles easy
Thur - am. 6 miles easy / pm. 8 miles in a Snow Storm
Fri - am. 10 miles easy / pm. 8 miles easy
Sat - am. flew to Cali / pm. 14 miles med/easy
Sun - am. 20 mile Long Run

Total: 106