Monday, August 18, 2008

Running with Hendrick Ramaala

A week ago a few of us got to train with 3 time Olympian from South Africa Hendrick Ramaala. A quick bio of him can be found at the bottom of this article. So anyways, we met him on the track talking to our coach Henry Rono about running of course. He was set on running his traditional tune up workout for Beijing of 3 x 2000m on the track at around 70 second quarters. We were ecstatic at the opportunity to pace him for as many quarters as we could. So after a grueling workout we started our cool down and conversation about American distance runners. 

It was great to pick at his brain and observe his outlook on running. He has a "do or die" approach, with so much charism.  The Africans are very positive and approachable.  When listening to him talk, he gives the impression that anything is possible. It was truly a great experience.

The following week, we met with him and his family twice and jumped into another workout. The rewarding part of meeting this remarkable man and his family was the openness and inspiration they gave.  I will definitely be cheering for him to run a successful race at the Olympics. Good Luck Hendrick!

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Julia said...

so awesome! (i didn't know you had a blog!! i found it on facebook)