Sunday, August 24, 2008

Land of Enchantment

Another great week has pasted here in New Mexico. I am really enjoying myself in the Land of Enchantment, even though I have not ventured out of Albuquerque since I moved here. Although what I remember of Taos and Santa Fe is pure amazement.  This week, I got some good mileage in running at different places. Kris and I ran at Bullhead park over by the airport/military hospital.  It was a typical park with large grass fields and some good dirt trails for a fartlek workout, which we did. After the workout [2 sets of 5-4-3-2-1 with half rest] we did a cool down with Peter Koech, who was running easy to loosen his calf.  
Another great thing that happened was the Salsa Festival here in Old Town. Great live music, open air and of course salsa dancing.  It was nice to be out and about.
I also started working part-time at a local running shop, so its fun just to mingle with other runners and talk shop. One of the guys that works at our shop is John Bednarski, a great old english chap who ran for UTEP and finished 4th to Pre and Gerry Lindgren at the 1969 ncaa xc championships.  
This blog seems to idolize many runners, but its just the environment here in New Mexico.  It's as if everything is being set up for me and all these great positive people are everywhere. A new one every week.  I have no complaints and only wish others could experience these little moments that make life so fulfilling.      


mon: easy [8]
tue: am foothills [8]
pm easy [4]
wed: am fartlek [10]
  pm easy [4]
thur: easy [10]
fri: easy [11]
sat: 6 mile cont tempo + warm up/cool down [11]
sun: long run [18]
total: 85

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