Thursday, June 27, 2013

100 Days Until the race - USA Marathon Championship

It may only be 100 days until the US Marathon Champs, but if been reinvigorated by a lone runner and teacher by the name of Matthew Elliot. To get a better understanding of this individual, check out this flotrack interview.  Yes, a full time teacher living he dream, and finishing 4th at USA's!  A new found hope of someone inspiring others and chasing the dream while doing what you love. I hope you enjoy it.  

So, with 100 days until the race, and 4 weeks of some solid training, I feel great!  This weekend, I'll be racing the USATF New Mexico State 5k championships on the roads.  I'm looking forward to it, and hope to run a pr at altitude for the 5k.  On a certified course, I've run 15:31, so I'm looking for a much faster time than that this Saturday.  A race report and weekly mileage will come soon.  I just thought it would be a good note to mark this day as the marathon approaches...

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