Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marathon Training (week 3 - Slight Debacle)

Well, last week wasn't as impressive as I would've liked it to be. I started off the week by taking two off days due to a hamstring issue. Basically, it was too tight, and created pain in my left leg.... boring!

So, to continue the featureless week of recovery and the little amount of miles I have crawled through; I can boldly state that after a much needed massage from my wonderful massage therapist - Laura Bresson, that I am fully recovered. The small set back in my hammy, wasn't due to the presumably high mileage that Bresson insisted was the case, but the fact that my groin was extremely tight. Sure, it could be due to the high mileage.... or it could be a number of factors that occurred after my first race back after the trials (Gate River), and the fact that I didn't recover from it. So, with that aside, and the resolution of my hamstring, I was able to only miss one workout and attempt my Sunday long run with the gang.

As far as running goes, Sunday was the highlight of my week. An easy 22 miles with 4x1 miles at tempo effort, followed by 10 miles easy, then one last set of 2x1 miles to pound the legs into oblivion. It was a pleasure to have Allen Wagner out there with us (Kris and I) for the first time, in what felt like ages. The temperature in Albuquerque is starting to get warm, which was a nice change of atmosphere, literally. The entire workout went well, as we hit (5:17, 5:05, 5:15, 5:10) for the first 4, and after the 10 miles the last 2 miles were hit in (5:18 & 5:18). A very nice way to end the low mileage week.

This week as been going well, and I hope the weather will hold up.

Remember, it ain't high altitude training unless you're up at Cloud City training with Lando Calrissian!

Week 3

Mon - Off
Tue - Off
Wed - am 8 miles / pm. 8 miles
Thur - am. 10 miles / pm. 10 miles
Fri - am. 10 miles / pm. 10 miles
Sat - am. 12 miles / pm. 8 miles
Sun - am. Long Run: w/4x1 mile @ tempo, 10 miles easy, 2x1 mile @ tempo [5:17, 5:05, 5:15, 5:10], [5:18, 5:18]. total: 22 miles

Total: 98 miles
Year to Date: 1171 miles

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mfranks said...

Pretty good week with the off days! -Meggan