Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 12

It's been a long time since I've updated this thing, but training is still going very strong and I've decided to compile the past few weeks into separate postings. This week is as follows with only 1 workout, on Thursday and a long run on Sunday.

Thursday's workout was done at 5:30am as usual, and on the bosque paved river path. It was a simple 4x2 mile with 2 minute rest jog. The splits were (5:26, 5:19), (5:17, 5:23), (5:15, 5:11), (5:19, 5:19). I felt really good and didn't want to push the last set too much. It's nice running at this time because when we head south on the river, we run past the Hispanic Culture Center and a Chile Roasting facility, which the aroma makes the air smell like chile heaven!

Sunday's run was just a 24 1/2 mile run from Nature Center to Corrales and back. I also got the time to Ice after the run once I got home. This week was designed to be a recovery week from the race, but it turned out to be a big mileage week for me, totally 131 miles. After looking back on it, I may have over did it, since the following week was a very important 1/2 marathon in San Jose, Ca.. Nevertheless, it was a good week and will only help me in the long run.

Mon - am. 8 miles easy / pm. 8 miles easy
Tue - am. 10 miles easy
Wed - am. 10 miles easy / pm. 10 miles easy w/2x hill strides, 2x strides
Thur - am. 4x2 miles total:12.5 miles / pm. 8 miles easy
Fri - am. 10 miles easy / pm. 10 miles easy w/5x strides
Sat - am. 12 miles easy / pm. 8 miles easy
Sun - am. 24.5 mile Long Run

Total: 131

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