Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Week

I've finally got some decent mileage in and can't wait to get ready for a good marathon build up for the fall. I've only got the rest of this month to mess around with mileage and whatever races I feel like doing until I'll follow a specific Jack Daniels Marathon plan that I devised, which will not involve drinking heavily amounts of the Brand Whisky... I believe it's going to force me to train specially for the marathon and not allow me to venture off on another tangent of random races; which I've done in the past and ended a "season" on a marathon. This time, starting July, I'll just pound our marathon workouts, and the end goal will be a nice race finishing in Central Park in November.

Although, this week didn't go as well as I'd liked, I still got some good workouts in. The track workout on tuesday was a pleasant taste of some speed, which I haven't touched in a very long time. My tempo workout on friday was a little hectic as a large forest fire in easter Arizona created massive smoke inhalation throughout New Mexico. This forced me to save my lungs form inundating them with smoke, and move my tempo workout onto the treadmill. This wasn't something I was completely pleased about, but it was kind of nice to try something new. I just ran 6 miles at tempo effort, and it went really well as I started off at 5:40 and came down to 5:22. I averaged 5:34 pretty comfortably, and was very happy with that. Although, this hard effort would take its unknowingly toll on my long run on sunday with some of the guys. That long run was only 17 miles; the longest I've run since my injury, and by the time we hit 14 miles, I started to fade as the rest of the gang started to hit their stride and drop some quicker miles on me. Nevertheless, I was still happy with it and will continue to increase my mileage as the USA Outdoor Championships approach.

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scooter donut said...

Good to hear you're back to it man. I may breeze through for a few days in July. Thinking about an October marathon again so I may shoot for a lengthier stay in the duke city in September. What else you got on tap for the summer?