Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raining in New Mexico

It is now cold and wet in Albuquerque.  The weather has changed, and will be changing as the frigid winter approaches.  It should be fun, compared to California where the winters are a mild 60 degrees, layering up with only a long sleeve.  No, New Mexico shall bring snow, wind and I've been told hail.  Well, at least I have some winter gear. I may need to invest in some running gloves since my fingers are already freezing in October!

These next few months should be very interesting.  I have one more 1/2 marathon next month, then I will be preparing for the USA 1/2 Marathon Championships in Houston.  That race will be my first chance in qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon.  If I can run under 1:05:00 for the 1/2 then I will be in.  Another thing, if for some reason I am really fit and run under 1:04:00 then that puts me in contention to qualify for a US team. Most likely the World Half Marathon Team.  Its a long, long shot and possibly years of preparation, but anything is possible.  It would truly be a dream come true to represent my country at the international level.  Faith and Hope are what have been inspiring me throughout these past months and years.  And with these two gifts, I know I can accomplish something truly amazing.  Runners are breaking through some barriers that seemed impossible at first, but now tangible.  It is just a matter how much we believe, how much faith and dedication we have.  We are all inspired by something greater, we all have hope and we all have faith.  It is just a matter of how much.  So much support has been given to me from my parents, family members and friends, you guys are what inspire me and help me keep the faith.  I really want to thank everyone for all you've done.  Thanks for reading and your support.

This weekend is a marathon relay that 5 of us are doing for fun.  Next sunday will be another Epic Long run.  This long run will be 28 miles and will start from the South base of the Sandia mountains and continue up and over the Sandias to the North end.  I will try and bring a camera to post some truly Heavenly pictures.       

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Kristopher said...

Where's the 'Epic Run' post? I'm dying to read it. - Kris